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One UV Lamp: Compact, portable version of the full size with a carrying handle.  Consult Glacier as a room odor management system to blast odors from unoccupied areas such as cars and homes. Not available in California. Must be sold with a timer.

Glacier Portable Pic 4.jpg


Two UV Lamps: Best suited for smaller areas such as trash chutes, and trash rooms.  Recommended for APT 2 Yard and 3 Yard FEL trash room applications and 10 to 15 Yard Self-Contained Compactors


Three UV Lamps: Considered the industry standard.  Powerful enough for outdoor use. Suitable for trash compactors, larger rooms, and strong, stubborn odors such as smoke and compost.

Recommended for 20 to 25 Yard Self-Contained Compactors


Three UV Lamps + Extra Ballast: This versatile model comes with three lamps and can easily be upgraded to four by the user.  Recommended for outdoor applications that may require and extra dose of ozone such as food waste in 20 to 30 Yard Self-Contained Compactors and Trash in 30 Yard Self-Contained Compactors


Four UV Lamps: Our four lamp ozone Generator is so strong it is recommended for special applications only.  Please consult a Glacier representative to see if this application is best for your situation.

For outdoor use only.


Five UV Lamps: This supercharged Ozone Generator is the strongest of its type on the market. Available by manufacturer recommendation only. For outdoor use only. 

All Generators Include:

Standard Integrated Weather Cover


Plugs Into Standard 110-Volt Outlet


Terms of Sale

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